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Story Line:

         You are a Navy officer, entrusted with the responsibility of uncovering the enemy fleet hidden in the sea Intelligent report says there is a battle ship, 2 cruisers, 3 destroyers and 4 submarines in enemy fleet.

The report also gives you the details of how many ship-segments are there in each direction. You know that the ships cannot sail next to each other / anchored next to each other, to avoid collision or friendly fire.

You need to identify them and uncover their exact position, so that they can be destroyed.
A Hexip puzzle is a hexagonal grid representing a section of ocean in which an entire fleet of ships is hiding. The fleet consists of a known number of battleships (4 segment ship), cruisers (3 segment), destroyers (2 segment) and submarines (single segment).

The following is a typical starting Hexip board:

Cross-Sums :: Puzzle Games Free Download

Your mission is to locate the positions of all the ships. The numbers out side the grid tells you how many ship segments are hidden in that line (pointed by the arrows). Ships do not touch each other. The underlying ships may be oriented in any of the three directions, and no two ships will occupy adjacent squares.

To give you an idea of how a solved board looks like, here is the above board completely solved

Battleship solving tutorial

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