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Kakuro (Cross-Sums) : Number Crossword Puzzle
Kakuro / Cross-Sums

Cross-Sums :: Puzzle Games Free DownloadKakuro (Cross sum) puzzle is an interesting variation of crosswords. Anyone who can add two numbers can solve cross-sum puzzles.

Kakuro is a puzzle invented in US (and used in the name cross sums) and got its popularity in japan. Now, kakuro puzzles made by Yoogi Games is published in several newspapers, magazines and websites around the world.


  • The clues for ACROSS and DOWN numbers is the sum of digits in that number.
  • Only the digits 1-9 can be used.
  • You cannot use a digit twice in the same number.

For example, the clue for 1 Down. is 8 and 1-Across is 15. The answer to 1Down could be one of 1 7,2 6, 3 5, 5 3, 6 2 or 7 1. Note that 4 4 is excluded as a digit cannot be used twice.

Download Kakuro (Cross-sums) Freeware game, (1.27 MB) Windows Computer Game

Kakuro for Palm PDA

Kakuro (Cross-sums) solving tutorial

Kakuro samples

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Editors, Want to use Kakuro puzzles (cross-sum) in your newspaper or magazine? I offer free kakuro puzzles to all newspaper and magazines. Please contact me  


  • kakuro (Cross sums) can be solved by anyone who can add two digits. There are no language barriers like crosswords.
  • kakuro (Cross sums) are based on American Crossword word grids, which gives them an aesthetic appeal (the British grids uses more black cells, whereas American grids have more white cells)
  • They are small in size, and easy to print. There are no separate clues given outside the grid. So they are compact. (about 75% smaller in size compared to crosswords)
  • They could be prepared in any size and any format.
Some newspapers call it kakro, or kakkuro. The kakuro puzzles by yoogi games reaches Millions of readers everyday through a leading newspaper(s) in India and Austria, and magazines or books worldwide.

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