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Heyawake Puzzles

  • The grid is partitioned by thick lines, and some numbers are given.
  • The partition which has a number, will have the same amount of black cells as the number.
  • Black cells cannot touch each other horizantally or vertically. They can touch diagonally.
  • The white cells / un-painted cells must be inter-connected. (horizantally or vertically). ie, No two seperate islands of white cells is allowed.
  • A single line of white cells may not exceed two particion length.
  • If a particion has no number, then it may have any number or black cells. (zero or more ).

try these games for now. We will put a online game player soon....

6x6 Heyawake Puzzle

12x8 Heyawake Puzzle

10x10 Heyawake Puzzle

check out the solution to Hey awake puzzles here

Hey awake puzzle is very intresting puzzle where you need to paint some cells black. Its a good break from sudoku, kakuro kind of puzzles where only numbers are entered in the grid. It is based on shapes, connectivity and diffrent logical challenge compared to other number puzzles.

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