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Sudoku : (Number Place) Puzzle

Sudoku :: Puzzle Games Free DownloadSudoku is the number placing game widely popular like crosswords. The japanese term Sudoku implies "number singles", or a transliteration "all the numbers must remain unmarried"

Sudoku initially known as Number place in United States and caught on in Japan late 1980's and attained international popularity in 2005. Some newspapers run two puzzles on the same day to feed sudoku frenzy of their readers. We offer quality Sudoku puzzles free of cost to newspapers / magazines. Our puzzles are created with clues formed in symmetrical pattern to make it attractive. The puzzles are rated in 1-5 difficulty levels

Sudoku puzzle

  • Fill the cells in such a way that all rows, colums and a 3x3 subsquare has all digits (1-9).
  • Few digits are already given as clue.

There are several techniques required to solve sudoku puzzles, some are obvious and some very difficult. We rate the puzzles in 5 diffrent difficulty levels

Editors, Want to use Sudoku (or Number Logic) in your newspaper or magazine? I offer free Sudoku Puzzles to all newspaper and magazines. Please contact me  


  • Sudoku is an excellent way for kids to develop their logic skills while having fun, and children as young as 7 or 8 can begin to enjoy them.
  • Our puzzles are published internationally and we can provide high quality, graded Sudokus for you or your organisation.
  • They are small in size, and easy to print. There are no separate clues given outside the grid. So they are compact. (about 75% smaller in size compared to crosswords)
  • Our puzzles have a unique solution and do not require the use of trial and error nor guessing (unless you want insane level puzzles).
Some newspapers call it Sudoku, or Number Logic.

Also check out our Shareware game Sudoku SoftBook , where you can play more than 50,000 Sudoku , Killer Sudoku & Comparision Sudoku Puzzles.

Click here for Sudoku Solution.

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