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Tree-Tent solving Tutorial
Tree-Tent Solving Tutorial

Some of the techniques you can use to solve the Tree-Tent Puzzles.

  1. All cells remaining in row or column are Tents. For example,

    In the above row, there are only three cells, which are not filled. All of them must be tents to satisfy the total in that row which is 3.

  2. All cells remaining in row or column are Non-Tents. For example,

    The only tent for the row is already finalized. So all the other cells in the same row cannot be tents. Mark all of them as grass.
    Tip: Click on the number to mark all the remaining cells of the row or column as Non-Tents

  3. There is only one cell in which a Tent can be placed for a tree. For example,

    Tree in B1 cannot have a tent anywhere else except in C1.

  4. The cells near which there is no tree are Non-Tents. For example,

    Cells A1 and B1 are Non-Tents since there is no tree near them in horizontal or vertical directions.

  5. Overlapping Non-Tent found, when a Tent for a Tree is placed. For example,

    For the tree in A2, There are only two places in which tent can be placed. They are A3 and B2. In Both cases, B3 is a neighbor to the tent and it must be Non-Tent.

  6. In all the ways in which the remaining tents of a row/column is filled some Tents and Non-tents overlap. For example,

    There are four ways in which the two tents for row A can be placed.
    They are
    • Tents at A2, A4
    • Tents at A2, A6
    • Tents at A2, A7
    • Tents at A4, A7
    Tents at A4 and A6 are not possible since both the tents will have to be attached to the same tree A5.

    In all the four ways, B3 is neighbor to a tent. So B3 must be grass.

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